About Us

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We’re fans of all things real and natural.
That’s why our products are made of superfoods. Think fuzzy apricots, zingy lemons and oranges, soothing green tea and nourishing oatmeal. Top that with 100% natural exfoliants like crushed walnut shell powder and naturally sourced moisturizers like soyabean oil and plant-based glycerin.

That’s also why we celebrate the look and feel of real, natural skin and none of the models on our site have been retouched to hide any of their features that make them unique.
We want to share our love for nature with you. Are you in with us? Good! Now, glow on!

our ingredients

once we find an ingredient we like, we’ll follow it around the world. To make sure we always use the best of what’s out there for our skincare, we keep track of their growing seasons at home and elsewhere. Here’s what you’ll find in our bottles:

  • Apricots

    We adore these fuzzy fruits. We pick the juiciest ones all year round from sunny California or North Africa, depending on the season. It’s how we get the fragrant extracts and kernel oils we want for our scrubs and shower gel bottles.

  • Walnuts

    Crushed walnut shell powder is the gentle-yet-effective secret behind many of our scrubs. After harvesting the walnuts in California, we carefully mill them to just the right size for a deep but thorough exfoliation.

  • Green Tea

    Did you know green tea has tons of skin benefits? Ours are from China, where we process them the very, very old-fashioned way. They say anything worth doing takes time—it’s why we use the same methods that have been used throughout the last couple millennia!

  • Oatmeal

    If you were ever on a diet or adopting healthy meals, you probably already know all about the good-for-you merits of the humble oat. Outside of morning hunger, oatmeal is fantastic for soothing skin. After finely milling and grounding good old American oats, we soak the powder in water and filter the extract to use in our scrubs, lotions, and shower gels.

  • Coconuts

    Did we mention how much we appreciate coconuts? Ours come from the Caribbean, Africa and Sri Lanka; we use every single part of them in our products. We use the milk extract in our lotions for moisture, we crush the shells and use them our scrubs for gentle exfoliation, and we even use the oil in our cleansing sticks and oil scrubs for a nourishing boost of hydration! Coconut milk is irresistible.

    Our extract comes from coconuts harvested from tall Caribbean palm trees. The nut is cracked open and the milk is extracted from the flesh by a gentle water-soaking process.

  • Cranberries

    Plump, jewel-like and known for their omegas, cranberry extract is the perfect addition to our lotions. Plus, they smell great! Our cranberries come from the USA where they’re harvested from flooded fields in the fall. All the good stuff is gently extracted to make sure our cranberries aren’t damaged in the process.