How to Use a Cleansing Stick and Get Glowing Skin

Sometimes, in the never-ending quest for glowing skin, you just have to do your face a solid. And by that, we mean you need to try a solid cleanser, stat. We promise it’ll change your daily glow-getting regimen for the amazing.

Enter one of the world’s newest Korean beauty trends: the cleansing stick. These magic skin cleansing products come in swivel tubes and look like your favorite jumbo glue stick from kindergarten. Except they smell much better and give you cleaner, softer skin and clearer pores.

So, how to get glowing skin from one of these cleansing sticks? Easy. After picking the best cleansing stick for you, follow the four-step process below:

Wet face. We’re talking damp, not dripping wet! The water activates the cleanser so you get that satisfying, creamy lather.

Twist the cleansing stick until product sticks out. Get it? Puns!

Work it in. Moving in small circles, apply the cleansing stick all over face. The mini facial massage will help boost blood circulation for brighter skin. Next, dampen your hands and work that lather! We suggest doing this at the sink, so you can watch the cleanser turn white and creamy. That’s how you know it’s doing its thing!

Rinse! After you pat dry, you’re ready to move on to the rest of your skincare routine. Try following up with an exfoliating apricot scrub for an extra-deep clean! Tip: We like using a cleansing stick as the second step in a double cleanse—use after your oil cleanser to remove any excess residue!

As for storage? Just remember to shake off any excess water from your cleansing stick as well as the cap. In the same way soap gets soggy after sitting in a wet soap dish, cleansing sticks can get a bit soft after using in a humid environment, like your bathroom.

If this happens, store your stick sans cap and let dry for a few hours. Good as new! We like storing it upside-down to make sure anything we missed drips off the stick itself and into the cap. You can avoid this by putting your cleansing stick in a cool, dry place whenever you’re done using it.

So, there you have it: steps for how to use a cleansing stick! Once you get the hang of it, we suggest stashing one in your gym bag—wherever you think you’ll need a bit of extra glow while on-the-go. Did we mention it’s TSA-friendly?

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