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    The Science of Exfoliation

    You might know skin exfoliation to be that thing that has something to do with face scrubs. Maybe you’ve heard it’s your ticket to fresher, more radiant-looking skin. Both are true!

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    What is a Cleansing Stick?

    Learn all about what is a facial cleansing stick-a fun to use, spillproof addition to your skin care regime. Find the perfect formula for your skin type.

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    The Benefits of a Cleansing Stick

    Explore the benefits behind the St. Ives Facial Cleansing Stick. This travel-sized facial cleanser & makeup remover is perfect when you're on the go!

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  • How to Use a Cleansing Stick and Get Glowing Skin

    Curious how to use a facial cleansing stick from St. Ives? You’re just a few easy steps away from cleaner, softer skin and clearer pores.

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    Summer Skincare: Face Wash for the Summer Season

    The sun is out and glowing skin is in…During July and August, summer skincare is as important as a swimsuit—and a specially formulated summer face wash is a must.

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    Our Favorite Korean Skin Care Products

    From BB Cream to bubble tea sleeping packs to sheet masks – there is no doubt that Korean Beauty, or K-Beauty for short, is a power house of skincare and cosmetics. Designed to work long-term, Korean beauty products are a genre of bright colors, fun textures and packed with skin health benefits. We’re so not ashamed to admit we’re OB-SESSEDDD. With sky high standards in quality, innovation and usage, K-Beauty is legit.

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    How Often Should You Exfoliate Your Face?

    Exfoliation is the removal of dead and the oldest skin cells from the topmost layer of skin and can be accomplished via face scrubs, facials or peels. Now, how often should you exfoliate your face? Skin should be exfoliated on a consistent and regular basis as dead skin can get trapped on the surface and cause clogged pores, rough skin texture, dullness, and breakouts!

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    8 Beauty Tips to Get Glowing, Flawless Skin

    Flawless skin doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, it takes a little TLC. Bright like the sun skin comes from within, and this means hard work: ditch that soda for water, remember sunscreen #always and spare that extra five-minutes to take off all your makeup before bed – no excuses. So, no worries on how to achieve luminous, vibrant skin. We’re sharing some of our top beauty tips for skin, right here!

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  • Winter Skin Care: Best Face Wash for the Winter Season

    Winter Skin Care: Best Face Wash for the Winter Season

    Winter can be harsh on your skin. From itchy and irritated to dry and dull, the coldest season is not kind to your complexion. But don’t let winter get you down!

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  • Should You Wash Your Face Before or After Shower

    Should You Wash Your Face Before or After Showering?

    Have no fear – we’ve done our share of research, and the answer is clear: post-shower is definitely the way to go. Sure, washing your face in the shower saves time but it can also do more harm than good – like, clogging pores with other products (gross) or drying out skin with hot water (ouch).

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