We Love Delicious Nature

We’re superfans of everything nature. It’s why our products contain ingredients like fuzzy apricots, milky coconuts, zingy cranberries, and creamy shea butter. In addition, we use the 100% naturally sourced exfoliant crushed walnut shell powder, in many of our face scrubs. 100% naturally sourced moisturizers, like soybean oil and plant based glycerin, go into our our body lotions, and 100% naturally sourced extracts, like orchid, into our body washes. St. Ives is here to revitalize your skin, so give your skin what it craves. It’s glow time.

Where We Source Our Ingredients

We are inspired by nature’s most delicious and nurturing elements. Because of that, we work to source nothing but the very best We are inspired by nature’s most delicious and nurturing elements. Because of that, we work to source nothing but great ingredients. But where does the good stuff come from? All over the world really. Let’s take a look at the journey our ingredients take from nature to glow.


From the very beginning, we’ve been superfans of apricots. We know those fuzzy fruits well, it’s kind of our thing. We pick the juiciest fruits all year round from sunny California or North Africa, depending on the season.
Our walnuts are grown in California’s sun-kissed orchards. They are harvested in the fall after they have been nurtured and fully grown. The shells are then milled to just the right size with a rounded edge to give a deep but gentle exfoliation, just the way we like it.

Shea Butter

Our shea butter comes from the shea tree, native to Africa. The shea tree grows nuts which hold all the good stuff that we love. The butter is extracted and refined so only great elements make it inside our bottles.


Our milky coconuts are harvested from Caribbean palm trees. The nuts are cracked open and the milk is extracted from the flesh by a gentle water-soaking process. No harsh chemicals! Just the irresistible coconut milk, the good stuff.

The 100% naturally sourced extracts we use in our body washes also come from around the world, from our zesty, Californian pink lemons and mandarin peels, to our pears that are grown in orchards across the USA. Pears ripen from inside out. They’re handpicked just before ripening and then the nectar is gently extracted to keep in all that juicy goodness. Our sea salt extract derives from the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, bringing the best of the beach to your bath. All of our body washes have that ingredient that makes you go “ahh” and we are committed to sourcing wholesome ingredients to make you do just that!

Sourcing great ingredients is our passion to bring you the #DeliciousNature you deserve.

The Skin Loving Benefits of St. Ives Ingredients

Now that you know where our ingredients come from, you’re probably wondering- what do they do? We know you love our signature Apricot Scrub, so we thought we’d start with that. Like many of our face scrubs, it is made with the 100% natural exfoliant walnut shell powder and extracts such as apricot extract and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. For our Green Tea Face Scrub, we use extracts of green tea leaves and a naturally sourced exfoliant that gives you a moderate exfoliation level.

Like our scrubs, our lotions are full of amazing ingredients that do all sorts of things for your skin. Our body lotions are all made with 100% naturally sourced moisturizers, like pure soybean oil, which is known to help nourish dry skin. We also love to use naturally-sourced proteins such as Collagen and Elastin proteins and coconuts. Your skin will love you, you can thank us later!

Wash up with ingredients that your body deserves. Reserved for the most relaxing time of the day, our body washes are made with 100% naturally sourced extracts. Our Pink Lemon and Mandarin body wash is made with zesty pink lemons and mandarin orange extract. It will refresh and revitalize the skin. Dive in with sea salt and sea kelp extracts in our Renew and Purify Salt and Pacific Kelp Exfoliating Body Wash.This body wash will revive the skin to reveal a healthier looking you. If you want an “ah” moment, you can indulge in our Pear Nectar & Soy Body Wash, crafted using pear nectar extract and soy milk protein extract. Our body washes contain invigoration scents to delight your senses!

We travel the world to bring you wholesome, naturally-sourced ingredients that feed and nourish your skin. Now it’s time to wake up your skin and glow with St. Ives.

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