Take Your Skin Back To Nature

St. Ives brings you nature’s best

We love nature just as much as you do! It has plenty of good stuff that brings out your skin’s natural glow like exfoliating walnuts, or soybean —you name it. That’s why our products feature 100% naturally sourced exfoliants, extracts, or moisturizers so that you can always feel revitalized and glow.

One of the secrets to glowing skin is exfoliation and nourishment. Our face scrubs are made with the 100% natural exfoliant walnut shell powder, that works to instantly reveal your skin’s natural radiance- revealing clean and smooth skin. We have facial scrubs for every exfoliation need, from deep cleansing to gentle exfoliating options.

St. Ives body washes are made with 100% naturally sourced extracts, such as coconut milk and orchid extracts. Their scents work to calm your senses and they leave your skin feeling bright. Get refreshed with a hydrating body wash, then revitalize your skin with moisture to leave it glowing and soft.

Give your skin a little TLC with our body lotions. Each variant is made with 100% naturally sourced moisturizers, such as wholesome soybean oil, to revive and nourish thirsty skin. It’s time to let your skin glow, like nature intended.

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