Seasonal Skin Care: Body Wash for The Changing Seasons

It’s a no brainer to switch your wardrobe when the seasons change, but did you know that your body’s skincare needs change too? Keep reading as we answer all your seasonal skincare questions and offer ways to adjust your routine for hydrated, healthy-looking skin all year long.

Fall & Winter Skin Care Tips
As temperatures drop and humidity does too, your skin begins to dry out. Add indoor heat and it’s a recipe for seriously parched skin! Here are some skincare tips to keep in mind for the colder months.

Any Body Wash Favorites for the Colder Months?
Although we love all of our body washes year-round, there are some that we can’t help but reach for during the colder months! Love a warm bowl of oatmeal for breakfast on a chilly fall morning? You’ll live for our Oatmeal & Shea Butter Body Wash because it soothes your body and mind while making you feel cozy all over.

Wish you could take a break from the winter weather? Get swept away to a tropical island with the hydrating feel and exotic scent of our Coconut Water & Orchid Hydrating Body Wash.

Should I Shelf My Spring & Summer Skin Care?
Absolutely. Your skin needs to change with the weather! Replace your lightweight face moisturizer and body moisturizer with heavier formulas that can handle drier conditions.

Can I Skip the SPF?
Don’t even think about it. Damaging UV rays are present year-round so it’s important to apply a good SPF 365 days a year.

Spring & Summer Skin Care Tips
When the days get longer and warmer, it’s time to uncover your skin’s natural glow! And while you may be tempted to cut back on your skincare routine on humid days, don’t!

Any Body Wash Favorites for the Warmer Months?
Of course! In the spring, treat yourself to the sweet floral scent and refreshing feel of our Rose Water & Aloe Vera Body Wash. In the summer, our Pink Lemon & Mandarin Orange Body Wash is kind of like lemonade for your skin with an energizing citrus kick you won’t want to miss. Plus, it’s made with 100% natural walnut shell powder to exfoliate skin and really get you glowing.

Should I exfoliate?
Definitely. Exfoliation isn’t just for wintertime. It’s important to exfoliate when it’s warm out too if you want smooth, glowing skin all year-round.

Do I still have to moisturize when it’s hot out?
One hundred percent! Just remember to switch your heavy body cream for a lighter lotion. We love our Smoothing Rose & Argan Oil Body Lotion for spring and summer.

When do I apply SPF?
Good question. Right before stepping outside, apply SPF Moisturizer to any exposed skin, then re-apply throughout the day.

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  • We Love Delicious Nature

    We Love Delicious Nature

    We’re superfans of everything nature. It’s why our products contain ingredients like fuzzy apricots, milky coconuts, zingy cranberries, and creamy shea butter. In addition, we use the 100% naturally sourced exfoliant crushed walnut shell powder, in many of our face scrubs. 100% naturally sourced moisturizers, like soybean oil and plant based glycerin, go into our our body lotions, and 100% naturally sourced extracts, like orchid, into our body washes.

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