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Gentle Smoothing Rose Water & Aloe Vera Scrub

Our gentlest scrub yet! From Canada’s #1 scrub brand, this gentle exfoliating scrub, made with 100% natural walnut shell powder & crushed rose petals, smooths away dryness and reveals soft, even skin.


Gentle Smoothing Face Scrub Rose Water & Aloe Vera
St. Ives Rose Scrub is rated 4.6 out of 5 by 340.
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Super Smooth Skin! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I had never used St. Ives products before this one and I was pleasantly surprised! I enjoy a good, gentle exfoliant, especially after a no-makeup day. I use this at night before bed and it feels great taking away the grime of the day. Its not too rough, so it would be good for sensitive skin, but it makes your skin feel oh so soft after! Even my husband noticed how soft my face felt after, which is saying something! It makes for a great canvas as the start of your nighttime skin routine! I definitely recommend it! Bonus: It smells GREAT and is super affordable!
Date published: 2020-09-04
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Smells amazing! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I received this product complimentary from Influenster and I have to say that Im really impressed with this product. St. Ives has had and few hit and misses with their skin care products being too harsh in my opinion. The first thing I noticed was when I opened the box, the fragrance of the product filled up the room. It has a wonderful rose petal fragrance. When I used it last night, I was impressed on how gentle it was and how good my face smelled. It definitely did its job because my face was soft and smooth afterwards. Thank you St. Ives and Influenster!
Date published: 2020-08-21
Rated 4 out of 5 by from pleasantly surprised [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I have used this for the last week or so. Im really enjoying it! I was hesitant at first because the OG walnut scrub was way too harsh for my skin. This is not! Its perfect. Its a moderate amount of scrub with fine particles of walnut in it along with the rose. It is advertised as gentle, but I think if you had super sensitive skin it would be a little much. It has a nice clean but slightly floral scent with a nice creamy wash to it as well. This is nice on my combo/oily skin. It doesnt dry me out but definitely gives you that nice clean feel. Packaging and gorgeous. Its vegan and cruelty free, plus affordable. Im here for it!
Date published: 2020-08-25
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Bomb gentle face scrub! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Hello! First let me start by saying i received this face scrub complimentary for the purposes of this review. I am a regular St.Ives fan and have been using St. Ives since the apricot scrub ! I applied it to my face while i was in the shower and rinsed it off after i was done lathering my body unlike most scrubs this one gently cleansed and exfoliated my face leaving my face feeling smooth with a matte finish! It also has a very pleasant smell and it has Aloe in it! Thats a plus! Definitely would recommend it this is a must have for my facial routine!
Date published: 2020-08-18
Rated 5 out of 5 by from St.Ives Gentle Smoothing Rose Water & Aloe Vera Sc [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Ever since my St.Ives gentle smoothing Rose Water & Aloe Vera scrub, Ive been using it every other night. I really like it so far, Ive only been using it for about a week. Its makes my face so soft & smooth and it leaves my face with a pretty glow. My only complaint is that if I use it too often my face will get super oily. So I started out using it every night, and went to every other night and so far no issues. I would recommend if you wanted a face scrub that smooths and gives a glow to your skin. Below is a photo with and without makeup.
Date published: 2020-09-01
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Better than I expected [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] So let me start out by saying the scent is strong, smells good but strong. Usually I avoid anything that has a strong scent due to headaches but this grew on me. A little amount goes a long way and the exfoliating beads are smaller than the ones I usually use. At first this felt super abrasive for some reason but then I found that I liked the way my skin felt after better. Ive used it for a few days before this review and Ive noticed my skin feels great! Its not overly dry or producing so much oil that I feel gross. Definitely worth the try
Date published: 2020-08-21
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Wow, I’m impressed [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Honestly I am shocked. I opened the box and didnt expect much from this brand at all but I am so impressed. The scent is a little rose strong but its nice. The scrub is awesome, I really felt cleansed and that it did a great job on my skin. I felt exfoliated and I was impressed. My skin didnt have any breakouts and I have very acne prone skin. I usually use the Kate Somerville exfolikate for a hefty price point and honestly- Because I really was impressed with this- I feel it might even do a better job!! I love this. I will repurchase.
Date published: 2020-08-21
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great for sensitive skin! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] *I did receive this product free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion. *Let me start out by saying that it is incredibly hard to find a good facial scrub. I have sensitive combo skin and hate the scrubs that have plastic balls in them along with the harsh chemicals. There some more natural products, but they barely have any scrub in them. None of them work and they irritate my skin. *The St. Ives Gentle Smoothing scrub has none of that! It is a gentle scrub that you can feel work, all natural ingredients, and it smells so good. I am highly recommending to all my lovelies out there. Give it a try. You wont be disappointed.
Date published: 2020-08-20
Rated 4 out of 5 by from pretty gentle [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Ill admit, I was nervous to review this because it has walnut powder and we all know that pieces of walnut shell can be too abrasive. I could definitely feel the exfoliating ingredients, and it didnt seem to harsh. Sometimes if I use an exfoliator, my skin feels inflamed and irritated after. I didnt have that with this. The fragrance was noticeable but pleasant. Definitely recommend having a wet face, not just damp because it feels like too much if your face is at all dry. It also rinsed away very easily, which I appreciate
Date published: 2020-08-30
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Complimentary from Influenster [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This does make your face really soft but I would not advise this to people with sensitive skin because it is a physical exfoliater so its pretty rough on the face so I would suggest rubbing it on your face really soft and being gentle with it cause many doctors advise chemicals exfoliating because it more gently on your skin while this does have walnut shells in it so it is pretty rough but once you wash it off gently remember to be gentle your face will feel really soft I hoped this helps and thank you influenster for allowing me to test this product it is really good I loved it and I will continue to use it to see the best result from it #influenster #voxbox
Date published: 2020-08-19
Rated 5 out of 5 by from St. Ives Scrub Voxbox [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This was a complimentary item from influenster for testing purposes. I love the St. Ives rosewater scrub with walnut powder it surprisingly was very gentle and it smells so fresh and clean and it left my skin feeling refreshed and softer than its been in a long time. I don't have anything negative to say about it! I will definatly be adding this to my skin care routine and will be using it nightly several times a week. P.S. i would recommend it to anyone who may have sensitive skin as it is not too abrasive to the skin.
Date published: 2020-08-20
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Works amazing I have really bad eczema and because of allergy season, you could imagine the amount of dry skin build-up and itching on my face. Bought this and used it on my face and neck and my skin is incredibly smooth!
Date published: 2021-04-30
Rated 4 out of 5 by from all around glowing [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I was a little skeptical about this at first because I have always had sensitive skin, but I was very surprised. Ive had a few St. Ives products before that have been good but its usually hit or miss with my skin. This was nice and gentle as described, smelled amazing, and I could actually see a little bit of a glow after just a few uses. My job has me around dust and dirt all day and this is a gentle way for me to renew my skin without intense scrubbing every day. Definitely a new morning staple. Love it.
Date published: 2020-08-19
Rated 5 out of 5 by from St.Ives Rose Water and Aloe Vera scrub [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] The St.Ives Rose Water and Aloe Vera scrub is amazing!! I first I thought that the Rose Water and Aloe Vera scent was going to be to strong but personally its very light and smells amazing. I know a lot of people are considered about the walnut shell powder that is included in this product but personally I felt like it did not dry up my skin instead it left it very smooth and soft.I recommend this product to everyone and think everyone should go out and try out this amazing product. #complimentary#VoxBox
Date published: 2020-08-29
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Divine!! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I'm a skeptic. To be honest, I probably wouldn't have bought it on my own before because I'd never heard of St. Ives. Now you can't get me to shut up about it! I was super nervous to try this product because my face is something I protect. I'm SO glad I decided to try this face scrub!! First off, great marketing. Love that it's oil and cruelty free. I also love the scent!! The rose and Aloe combination is Divine!! It's super exfoliating and just feels good. Definitely will be buying this in the future!!
Date published: 2020-08-21
Rated 4 out of 5 by from love this scrub! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] While I dont think this scrub will be my go to for hydration or acne purposes because of its fragrance and lack of acne tackling properties, I do still really love this scrub. The smell is amazing and floral and delicious! The fine grit is smooth and doesnt make me feel like Im scratching my face to death. I really enjoy this scrub for those days where I picked my zits and have dry skin edges that just need to go so I can more smoothly apply makeup! I will definitely be using this after all my breakouts!
Date published: 2020-09-01
Rated 3 out of 5 by from Perfect for my sensitive skin [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] First off I love that it is 100% natural and is oil and cruelty free. The exfoliants are crushed walnut shell powder and crushed rose petals! I have sensitive skin and especially on my cheeks I dont like a harsh scrub. I used for a few days and focused mainly everywhere but my cheeks. The only downside is to me it is very fragrant. Im not a huge fan of floral scents in perfumes or creams so thats the only downside. Other than that its pretty good. St. Ives Gentle Smoothing Rose Water and Aloe Vera Scrub
Date published: 2020-08-24
Rated 5 out of 5 by from lovely face scrub [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I really enjoy this face scrub! It had very fine pieces in it which I much prefer over bigger pieces. It is very gentle but definitely does the job. This was my first time using any St. Ives products and Im very impressed. This scrub has a very good smell to it but it is very strong. So strong I smelled it before I even opened the box. I love the smell but anyone that doesnt enjoy really strong scents might not like it. Another plus is the very cute packaging. I would definitely recommend it!
Date published: 2020-08-24
Rated 5 out of 5 by from My surprise love [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] At first I was a little nervous knowing that this product has walnut powder as an exfoliant. This ingredient can be harsh on sensitive skin. When I tried it for the first time, I fell in love!!!!! The smell is beautiful with a mix are rose and cucumber. The texture was amazing!! It was not to rough on my skin and it exfoliated my face beautiful. My skin feels super soft, clean, and fresh. I will definitely be getting more!! I highly recommend!!! I think I found a new favorite!
Date published: 2020-08-19
Rated 5 out of 5 by from love it! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I love St.Ives scrubs especially the apricot one for acne. I was very excited to try the rose water and aloe one. First off it smells sooooo good and just like their other scrubs it leaves my face feeling so smooth and soft. Also this rose water and aloe scrub is gentle enough that I can use everyday which I love because I love to exfoliate everyday especially in the summer months when my face gets really oily. Price is great for a drugstore face scrub. All in all I love it!
Date published: 2020-08-21
Rated 5 out of 5 by from My new favorite scrub! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I've been a fan of St. Ives scrubs for a while, and this scrub tops them all! The rose fragrance is subtle but very inviting. The scrub feels terrific on the skin, and is gentle yet exfoliating. The product rinses off well, and leaves my skin feeling very fresh! It helps keep my skin smooth for better makeup application. I highly recommend--especially if you love rose water. Thank you to St. Ives and #influenster for this #voxbox! #freshface #naturallook #gamechanger
Date published: 2020-08-23
Rated 4 out of 5 by from not bad [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] the St Ives gentle smoothing scrub with rose water and aloe vera wasnt bad. I was nervous at first because it has a fragrance to it and I normally stay away from fragrances because of my really sensitive skin. it didn't irritate my skin like I thought. I've never used rose water before but with the aloe vera it was good. it was gentle and easy to rub on and rinse off. It was a great exfoliate for my skin. It felt nice and smooth after using. I will say the first time I used it I felt like my skin was dry after but the next time I used it I didn't have that problem. This is my first time using this product and I actually liked it. I wouldn't improve anything but still wish it didn't have a fragrance. would recommend.
Date published: 2020-08-29
Rated 2 out of 5 by from Not Bad Just Not For Me [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] So let me be completely honest. this isn't a bad product. it really just doesnt work for me. If you have oily or normal skin then this will be great for you. the exfoliation is almost to gentle for my dry skin type. it does have a fragrance which smells a lot like herbal essence rose shampoo but it is there if you're against fragrances in you beauty products. it also shows on the bottle about using rose petals for exfoliation but walnut shells are higher up on the ingredients list. the bottle also talks about rose and aloe vera, which are both towards the end of the ingredients list so it doesnt really matter because you won't get a whole lot of benefits from it. as a fi al note st. Ives is not a cruelty free brand.
Date published: 2020-08-29
Rated 5 out of 5 by from great gentle scrub!! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] If your looking for a really good, affordable face scrub, I would highly recommend this one!!! Its super gentle on the face!! It didnt dry my skin out, it made my skin feel soft, smooth, and really clean. It has a light rose scent to it, but it didnt bother me.
Date published: 2020-08-27
Rated 5 out of 5 by from amazing exfoliation! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] So I got this for free from influenster and its my first time trying it. First of all, I LOVE the scent. Secondly, I love the gentle exfoliation. Its gentle enough that i could probably use it every other day without irritating my skin. I did get this for free but Im sure it is very affordable as St. Ives products usually are. So all in all, this is a wonderful product that I would probably buy again and work into my daily skincare routine. Thanks influenster!
Date published: 2020-08-20
Rated 2 out of 5 by from Just not for me [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This product may work for some but I dont think its the right product for me! I love that its listed as a cruelty free product but the smell was overwhelming for me and I didnt feel like it left my skin as clean as other cleansers. I also found it confusing that on the bottle it doesnt specify that this is intended to be a face wash. I do find this to be very gentle even on my sensitive skin so if you enjoy scents like this maybe it will work better for you!
Date published: 2020-08-21
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Love it! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This product is sooo amazing!! It is very gentle (as it says) so its perfect for sensitive skin. The scent is so refreshing and smells very much like roses. Even though its gentle, it leaves my skin very soft, smooth and clean and its great for everyday use especially now that I have to wash my oily face any time I can due to wearing a mask all day. Thanks Influenster for letting me try this product! I will definitely be buying this product in the future! (:
Date published: 2020-09-04
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Perfect for removing makeup [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I personally enjoy the flowery smell but for sone it my very strong. It is a great scrub that comes off super easy and leaves no oily feeling behind. I am really enjoying it and it has been easy to add to my routine. Every time I use it, it feels like I had a peel done. My skin feels super clean and smooth/soft. I tend to have very oily skin but I have not gotten oily or break outs after using the scrub. It is gentil but strong enough to remove my make up!
Date published: 2020-08-23
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Very gentle on the skin [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I'm generally not a huge fan of St Ives because of their lack of being cruelty free, so I was pleasantly surprised to see the cruelty free symbol from PETA on the packaging indicating that the brand has recently changed their practices. I loved a few of their other products in the past, so am excited to use those again. As for this specific scrub, it had a very pleasant scent, somewhat floral/fruity but wasn't overpowering. The scrub wasn't too rough on my skin, and was something I could probably use daily without being too harsh for my face. I'm used to using much rougher exfoliaters, so this was a nice change for me and i could see it being a part of my regular routine in between the big scrubs from my microdermabrasion products.
Date published: 2020-08-18
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Gentle Exfoliator! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Gentle Exfoliation with the smallest beads! This scrub smells PHENOMENAL. It has a scent similar to that of aloe Vera and sweet pea! I love how tiny the exfoliating beads are they appear nonexistent but are large enough to feel on the skin. My skin was a little dry after using but not in a bad way but more of a squeaky clean way. Wonderful product I highly recommend for those with sensitive or highly textured skin as it would be more gentle on acne.
Date published: 2020-08-28
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Face ScrubFace Scrub

1. Squeeze a dime sized amount of Gentle Smoothing Rose Water & Aloe Vera Scrub onto your fingertips and massage onto damp skin.
2. Spread in small circular motions, applying gentle pressure to wake your skin’s natural circulation.
3. Work all over, right up to your hairline and onto the sides of your nose.
4. When you’re done, rinse and pat dry with a clean towel.
5. Use 3 to 4 times a week (depending on skin) for best results.



Not just the official flower of love, rose petals are used in everything from fragrances to food. They’re rich in vitamin C and have a scent that’s been shown to improve your mood.


Aloe vera is a member of the succulent plant family. Its cactus-like leaves are filled with a clear gel that you can apply to skin or even drink.


Water (Eau), Glyceryl Stearate Se, Glycerin, Juglans Regia (Walnut) Shell Powder, Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetyl Alcohol, Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Glyceryl Stearate, Peg-100 Stearate, Cetyl Acetate, Fragrance (Parfum), Benzyl Alcohol, Rosa Gallica Flower Powder, Ceteareth-20, Sodium Triethanolamine, Carbomer, Polysorbate 60, Disodium Edta, Benzoic Acid, Acetylated Lanolinalcohol, Sorbicacid, Rosadamascenaflowerextract, Aloebarbadensisleafextract, Cinnamylalcohol, Citral, Citronellol, Geraniol, Hexylcinnamal,Limonene, Linalool, Titaniumdioxide(Ci77891).



Face CareFace Care

Let your face have a little good, clean fun. Our scrubs are made with 100% naturally sourced exfoliants and our cleansers are made with 100% naturally sourced extracts. Leave your skin feeling alive, fresh, and glowing! CHECK IT OUT 


Body WashBody Wash

Made with 100% natural extracts or exfoliant, St. Ives body washes cleanse skin with a sudsy sumptuous lather for that oh-so-clean feeling.  CHECK IT OUT 


Body LotionBody Lotion

Skin-loving lotions packed with 100% naturally sourced moisturizers (like soybean oil and plant based glycerin) for naturally healthy-looking skin.CHECK IT OUT 

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