Benefits of Green Tea for Skin

Who doesn’t love a cozy cup of green tea in the morning? Drinking green tea is one of the healthiest rituals we can incorporate into our hectic daily lifestyle. Starting your day with this super tea is something your future self will most definitely thank you for.

Green tea is abundantly healthy for many reasons. Not only does it lower the risk of cancer and improve brain function, but there are also plenty of benefits to gain by using green tea for face care. It delays signs of aging, helps fight inflammation, and works wonders for those battling acne. Sounds like a miracle, doesn’t it?! Just wait until you hear more about what it does for the skin…

What Does Green Tea Do for Your Skin?

Green tea facial products have a range of benefits, just for skin care alone! These types of products are known to protect the skin from UV rays, reduce acne and improve overall skin tone and texture. Green tea leaves are packed with antioxidants and other fabulous health benefits. These antioxidants can slow down the aging process in skin appearance, delay fine lines, wrinkles and age spots, while reactivating dying skin cells.

Next time you wash your face, try using a green tea face scrub. Incorporating a skin care product with a tea ingredient into your skin care regimen will also help fight inflammation and bacteria, leaving your face fresh and healthy looking.

Which Type of Green Tea is Good For Your Skin?

Korean skincare and beauty influences are huge right now, and green tea skin care products are trending for a valid reason. Green tea and matcha tea come from the same leaf. Who knew?! Green tea in tea bag form contains loose tea leaves, while matcha powder is finely ground, making matcha more potent. That’s why our green tea facial cleanser is crafted from matcha powder and therefore brightens the skin, reduces redness and puffiness, and leaves skin with a vibrant glow.

Is Green Tea Good for Acne?

How does green tea help acne? A few key reasons come to mind:

  • Unlike other harsh cleansers which strip skin of oil, green tea works from the inside out and reduces the amount of oil your skin produces.
  • The tannins within green tea also act as an astringent, shrinking pores. (side note: if you’re tired, it will also reduce puffiness around the eyes too!)
  • The anti-inflammatory property in green tea that fights acne is called Polyphenols and functions as a power tool for treating the actual bacteria that causes acne.
  • As we already mentioned, those same great anti-inflammatory properties within green tea also reduce irritation, redness and swelling to calm and soothe skin.

That’s what we call getting to the root of the problem. Working St. Ives Matcha Green Tea & Ginger Cleansing Stick is a super easy way to detox skin in your daily skin care routine.

Green Tea For Skin Glow

Certain green tea skincare products are specifically designed to eliminate blackheads. For easy and successful blackhead-tackling, blackhead removal, and unclogging pores we suggest using St. Ives Blackhead Clearing Green Tea Scrub a couple of times a week. Just squeeze a dime sized amount onto your fingertips and massage onto damp skin in circular motions for a few minutes. Then rinse well, pat dry with a towel, and lightly moisturize with your favorite face lotion.

Go ahead and welcome our solid cleanser lineup into your routine!

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