Purify Sea Salt Body Wash

Purifying Sea Salt Body Wash

Purifying Sea Salt Body Wash
Smooth and renew your skin's surface to reveal healthier looking skin with the 100% natural - exfoliants in Purifying Sea Salt Body Wash. This refreshing body wash works to brighten dull skin while also hydrating.  Containing mineral salt and Pacific sea kelp, which are known to  supply skin with vitamins and anti-oxidants, the Purify formula invigorates tired, sluggish skin.  Complete your exfoliating routine after you shower with one of our perfectly formulated St. Ives Lotions. 

Product  Benefits
- 100% Natural Exfoliant
- Paraben Free
- Dermatologist Tested 
- Hypoallergenic

Key Ingredients
Sea Kelp, Mineral Salt
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